Lighting Design Centre

New D
esign Centre Launch 03.11

PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING AUSTRALASIA was officially launched with the opening of the Lighting Design Centre on Wednesday 16 March 2011. Three globally recognised brands – Prisma Architectural, Prisma and SBP Urban Lighting – are now being distributed in the local market by PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING AUSTRALASIA. In addition, the well-known Spectra Lighting brand completes the range. These four brands provide a comprehensive array of outdoor architectural luminaires that include ground-mounted, wall-mounted and pole-mounted fixtures for a broad range of applications.

PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING AUSTRALASIA has found that the Lighting Design Centre concept is a very effective tool for educating customers on the quality and performance of the products available. Many positive comments were received from attendees at the opening in March, stating that the event gave them a better appreciation of the style and potential applications for the products on display.

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